The ultimate adrenaline rush

14 January - 12 April 2019

How to play

Earn points as you re-sell our fastest products

1 Point

1 Point

5 Points

5 Points

10 Points

Simply complete a few details on our sign up page, resell our fastest connectivity products to accumulate points and once you reach the 40 point target between 14 January – 12 April 2019, you’ll join us for the ultimate adrenaline rush at a rally experience day!

You need to be a KCOM reseller to play, but don’t worry if you’re not yet – we can get you signed up really quickly.

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The prize

Reach 40 points by 12 April 2019 and you’ll join us for a unique, adrenaline pumping off road and rally experience. You’ll pull up to the start line of a 100% gravel rally track in a highly tuned rally car

Drive as hard as you dare over individual timed stages which will really get the adrenaline pumping as you brake later and accelerate harder to try and become the driver of the day.

There’s nothing to beat the thrill of rally driving – it’s the ultimate adrenaline rush.

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The products


For each FTTC or FTTP product you resell you'll be 1 point closer to secure your place as a rally driver!

Fibre broadband is an ideal solution for businesses that don't have the budget for a Leased Line, but require high bandwidth to improve the running of, and access to, multiple applications.

The fastest possible speeds – we will always provide your service using the fastest available technology

Cost effective – an ideal alternative that sits between standard ADSL and Direct Internet Access Solutions

Quick provisioning – from just 10 working days from order to solution

For each EFM and EoFTTC product you resell you’ll be 5 points closer to the ultimate driving experience.


EFM can deliver speeds of up to 35Mbps, in both directions to ensure business applications are consistently online.

Enjoy high speed at low cost – copper wires are usually already in the ground, avoiding costly installations associated with fibre, this also ensures minimal lead times.

Inherently resilient – traffic is delivered over multiple copper pairs; if one pair fails, the other keeps working.

Confidence – proactive alerts, 24 hour technical support, failsafe Cisco routers and uncontended access for complete peace of mind for both you and your customers.


Using the reach of fibre broadband to deliver an SLA-backed, business-assured service, EoFTTC guarantees symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mb, with download speeds rising up to 80Mb.

An asymmetrical FTTC line routed through the Ethernet network instead of the general Broadband network offers a faster, more reliable service at a lower cost.

Confidence – proactive alerts, 24 hour technical support and failsafe Cisco routers for complete peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Fibre Ethernet

For each Fibre Ethernet product you resell you'll be 10 points closer to secure a driving experience you'll never forget!

Fibre leased lines bring fully uncontended bandwidth capacity into your business. The connection from site to site or out to the web is private, secure and as fast as you need it to be.

Scalable – with a choice of bearers and speeds of up to 1Gbps available, you can increase capacity as your customer's business grows.

Guaranteed performance – your customers enjoy the smoothest connectivity experience with low latency and jitter SLAs.

Peace of mind – proactive alerts, 24 hour technical support and failsafe Cisco routers.

Business critical backup – ADSL failover included as standard with fully diverse options available for additional resiliency.

The Partner Programme

At KCOM, we get excited about providing solutions that really help you, our Reseller Partners, achieve what you need for both your own business and your customers. We understand that you want to maximise the potential of every customer relationship, so we focus on providing an exceptional experience every step through our journey together, becoming your technology partners and advisors.

Our goal is to enable you to become a single service provider by delivering real value to your customers. We can give you the option to not only diversify your portfolio of services from a trusted partner, but also open up new markets in the process. Expand your business with the wealth of dedicated support and expertise we have to offer.

With our team of specialists, you don’t need to be the experts. We will work with you as a trusted technology advisor, available to guide you through the ever-changing technology landscape, using our strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Avaya, BT and many more to provide you with the solutions you need to support your growing business strategy.

Our Partners also benefit from:

> Access to 24/7 real time network monitoring

> Online leased line quoting tool – access anytime, anywhere for quick and easy quoting on BT Wholesale or TalkTalk Business connections

> Passionate UK based service and support

> A full portfolio of connectivity, cloud and voice solutions available for you to resell with ease

Call our Partner team today on 0345 122 4777 for more information or to sign up as an KCOM Partner, simply complete the form here and we'll be in touch.